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Cookbook Club

I joined an online cookbook club via food52.

Each month the communinty cooks from a certain cookbook.  July's book was My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz .  He's one of my favorite food bloggers and cookbook writers.  I think I discovered him years ago when he published an ice cream cookbook, The Perfect Scoop.  (Do yourself a favor and check it out while it's still summer.  I just made frozen strawberry yogurt and Vietnamese coffee ice cream last week.)

I have a autographed copy of My Paris Kitchen.  While living in San Francisco, I would visit Omnivore Books, a neighborhood bookstore dedicated to cookbooks.  Various chefs and food writers popped in on their book tours.  I headed over there when Lebovitz stopped by in 2014.

He used to live and work in nearby Oakland, then moved to Paris.  As a lover of food, SF and wine country, and Paris, you can understand why I follow this guy. 


I discovered the online cookbook club late in July, so I made three recipes last weekend.  I had everything I needed for a few vegetable side dishes:

A French lentil salad that has been a tasty lunch the last few days.


A simple, but delicious green bean dish (garlic-centric!).


Roasted root vegetables.  Still the best way to prepare and eat any vegetable, hands down.


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