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I'd never made a pasta with brie so I decided to try this recipe from food52.  This dish has some of my favorite things:  summer tomatoes, fresh basil, lots of garlic and melty cheese.

The biggest challenge I had was making sure G didn't just eat the tomatoes while they sat on the table all day getting happy.



In the Fridge

In this week's version of In the Fridge, I have some brie sitting in there that needs attention.

What should I make with it?

First of all, when I google brie, Brie Larson pops up. Um, no, not that Brie.  (My apologies for still not seeing Room.)

My brie making options include:

Good ol' fashioned baked brie, topped with fruit, nuts, and/or honey.  Or brie wrapped in puff pastry or phyllo dough (in France, en croute). 

In scrambled eggs or an omelet.

Grilled because, summertime.

On a sandwich.

In pasta.