The Move
Apple Season

In the (New) Kitchen

I still have to sort through and organize the bedroom closet, figure out where and how to store my yarn stash, and attack the task of unpacking photo albums and frames that have been in storage for two years.

Instead, I've been playing in my new kitchen.

All of my kitchen tools and dishware and stemware are in one place.  Sigh.  I've bought fresh parmesan and grated it in the processor.  I've roasted heads of garlic in my le Creuset baking dish.  I've toasted the move with our extra special crystal highball glasses.

Last night I had the urge to make BBQ bacon sliders.  I think the fact that it's football season again inspired me.  And the fact that I have this beautiful kitchen playground.

Little grilled burgers generously seasoned with salt and pepper, topped with caramelized onions, a bit of cheddar, crispy bacon, and a dollop of BBQ sauce.  I toasted the whole wheat buns in the oven so they look a little manhandled, but boy, this was a fun dinner. G was wowed.


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