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Vegetable Inspiration

I recently met and listened to chef April Bloomfield speak about her latest cookbook, A Girl and Her Greens.  I'll be writing a post about that shortly, but between that book event and spring being upon us, I've had vegetables on the brain.

For an easy Sunday side dish or vegetarian entree, I made a super simple pasta with zucchini and leeks from Bon Appetit.

Shred some zucchini, chop a large leek, season with salt, pepper, red chile flake, and saute while your pasta boils and ta da!  And definitely top with your pasta with cheese.  The recipe calls for pecorino cheese, but I only had parmesan available so I used that.  Just as delicious.

Cavatelli with Zucchini and Leeks





Cavs Game Six

I'm watching my home team play in the NBA Finals tonight.

I had some boneless chicken breasts in the fridge and I felt like putting in a bit more effort tonight instead of just browning and baking.  I had buttermilk in the fridge from a fancy Sunday brunch so I soaked the chicken in buttermilk and hot sauce for an hour.  Then I coated the chicken with panko bread crumbs seasoned with Old Bay, dried thyme, salt, and pepper.


I just shallow fried the chicken in a deep saute pan and then finished baking it in the oven.

Someone got to the pan before I could grab my camera.