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I took the J Muni line to Noe Valley this week.  Destination:  Omnivore Books.  A store dedicated solely to cookbooks.  A dream come true, really.

Cookbook author and former Bay Area inhabitant David Lebovitz was scheduled to visit the bookstore for an autograph signing.  I wanted to get my copy of his latest cookbook, My Paris Kitchen, in preparation of the author signing.

As I crossed the street to head to the bookstore, I passed a man with earbuds and did a double take.

Me:  "Did I just pass Chris Cosentino?"

Celia the Bookstore Owner:  "Yes!  He was just in here.  His restaurant is just two blocks down the street."

Me:  "Do they serve lunch?"

So yes, I recognized a chef walking the streets from my hours of watching food geek television.  And yes, after making my book purchase, I headed straight to Cosentino's restaurant, Porcellino, for lunch.

I chose the salami sandwich, sauteed, garlicky broccolini, and a lavender lemonade.  The housemade salami, salty and slightly spicy, with peppery arugula, and sweet and acidic tomato conserva all tucked into a soft Italian bread took me back to simple, country meals in Tuscany and Provence.  Just a few ingredients, treated with care and respect, can be transformed into a memorable meal.

Oh, I definitely want a pitcher of that lavender lemonade in my fridge all summer long.


I seriously think all vegetables should be served like this.  People would always clean their plates.