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November 2013

Tartine Bakery

Living in Ann Arbor for ten years, working at Zingerman's, led me to find star scratch bakeries all over the country. Tartine has been on my must see, must taste list for years. The first Tartine cookbook was published in 2006, the year G and I married and honeymooned in San Francisco. G bought the cookbook for me for Christmas, 2007, the year I became a culinary student.

We finally made a trip to the Mission this weekend to experience Tartine in person. There was a line out the door, the small corner shop, without a sign to identify itself (so hip here in SF), bustling with happy customers. While in line (they move you along quite quickly), we eagerly looked at each table's dishes of cookies and cakes and bread puddings. We chose a selection to go: an eclair, a slice of chocolate tea cake, a morning bun, and a frangipane tart. The only pastry left to photograph is the tart.