Speaking of Burgers

Monthly Cookbook Spotlight!

It's dull, dreary February, the time when I think winter will last forever.

G and I are trying to eat healthily during the week so it's dinner reruns.  Poultry, salads, fish, salads, vegetables, salads.  I try to devote Sunday afternoons to cook and prep for the upcoming week.  I roast a chicken, I roast or steam some vegetables, I prepare easy-to-grab salad fixins.

But I crave the time in the kitchen when I can open up a new cookbook, or a favorite cookbook, tie on the apron, and create something new.

To amuse myself and learn a few things (as well as share with you), I'm going to feature a cookbook each month.  I'll cherry pick a handful of recipes to try throughout the month and share the results.  I plan on having some special guest stars as tasters as well!

March's Selection:  Michael Symon's Carnivore: 120 Recipes for Meat Lovers
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