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Just Baked

JB cupcakeG and I attended a University of Michigan MBA alumni reception last night.  Usually I tag along with him to partake of the wine and hors d'oeuvres.  I nod and smile and sip said wine while he and his fellow smarty pantses discuss supply chains and web presence and software development.

This time, the alumni event was tailored toward my interests.  We toured Just Baked, a local bakery facility in Livonia, MI.  

Owner Pam Turkin gave us a look at the baking kitchen and talked about how she started her own cupcake business in 2009.  I loved hearing about her ambitions, her doubts, and her decision making processes.  She was an inspiration to this fellow female "foodie".  

Afterwards, we helped ourselves to some sweet samples (and, bonus, a catered supper from Slow's BBQ).

G devoured his Chocolate Dream cupcake before I could take a photo, but here's an example of the bakery's couldn't-be-cuter Easter cupcakes.

Thanks to Pam and her husband, Todd, for a wonderful (and tasty) evening!

 (Support your local businesses!)


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