Hot Chocolate

Hot cocoaI have always loved hot chocolate.  It has been my favorite version of a chocolate fix.  I would occasionally treat myself to a Ho-Ho.  I had a Twix and Three Musketeer phase.  A mint chocolate chip ice cream spree.  But nothing's lasted as long as my love for hot chocolate.

Growing up, my go-to hot chocolate was the Swiss Miss variety.  In college, I found some different packets of the powdered stuff...Land O Lakes, which had "fancy" flavors like mint or raspberry or caramel.  On cold, dark nights in southeastern Ohio, a cup of that with some hot water courtesy of the hot plate was considered heaven.

When I first started to date G, it was winter time in Michigan.  I remember being at his apartment and craving a warm beverage.

"You wouldn't have any hot chocolate, would you?"

"Sure," he said.  "It's up in the cupboard.  Help yourself."

I looked for the familiar light blue cardboard box with the Swiss Miss on it, but couldn't find it.  Then I realized that his hot chocolate came in a container with a lid, marked Ghirardelli.  What was this magical elixir?  I started to read the directions and reached for the tea kettle to boil water.

"What are you doing?  You use milk.  Just warm up some milk in the microwave."

Milk?  Fancy hot chocolate AND milk?  What was this decadence?  I followed his instructions and proceeded to have the tastiest mug of hot chocolate I'd ever experienced.

To this day, if I crave a hot chocolate fix, I go for the container of Ghirardelli that we always have in the pantry.

 I've never laid eyes on that Swiss Miss girl again.

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