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Something To Think About

I stumbled upon a new food blog that caught my attention.  Andrew Wilder's Eating Rules.

Wilder is challenging people to participate in October Unprocessed 2011

From Wilder's site:

"Unprocessed food is any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with readily available, whole-food ingredients."

So no unprocessed foods whatsover in October?  I'm in!  Please take a look at this site and consider this challenge.

Goodbye Borders

Borders Books and I go way back.  When I was a college student in Ohio, Borders arrived in a new shopping plaza close to my hometown.  Bookstore and coffee shop combined?  Just like those fancy New Yorkers have always had?  I felt like I'd won the lottery.  Borders turned into my hangout.

Years later, when I moved to Ann Arbor (Borders Books' headquarters), I frequented the flagship store for my book club.  Other than those meetings, Borders had lost its luster by then.  Close up and personal, Borders wasn't run well.  The signs of impending doom were easy to see here in its hometown.

Also, my book buying habits have changed.  My bookshelves are bursting with fiction so I'm a fervent library visitor.  I buy books for others at holidays and birthdays.  Personally, I purchase specialty books now...cookbooks, film books, books on writing.  Yes, I use Amazon.  As a frugal shopper, I can't ignore those Amazon prices.

Last  month, on the way home from a New York roadtrip, I stopped in Cleveland and took one last spin through my old Borders haunt.  I had my sentimental moment and said my goodbyes.  I returned home with a stack of cookbooks as a souvenir.



Football Saturday!

Remember Wednesday's post about what we're feasting on today, college game day?  Well, I forgot to take out the beef and the wings from the freezer.  First thought this morning was, "Uh oh.  I don't have any ready-to-cook meat in the house."  Smooth move, Kim!

So along with my quick errands this morning (care package sent to a sick friend, perpetual library stop), I stopped at the grocery store and lucked out.  Bone-in pork shoulder on sale.  So...carnitas it is!

I rubbed the pork with salt, pepper, ancho chile powder, and Mexican oregano leaves.



Then seared it on all sides.


After swimming in Mexican beer, chicken broth, and a bit of fresh orange juice, the pork is ready for shredding.


Carnitas topped with salsa, guacamole, sour cream, queso fresco, and radish and accompanied by G's sangria.



Food Obsessions

Obviously I am obsessed with food.  This obsession is still a relatively new phenomenon in my life.  Until the age of thirty, the only food obsession I'd had was with pizza.  (That one still exists and always will as far as I'm concerned.)

I made a big batch of my mom's cole slaw last night and one thought crossed my mind as I sprinkled celery seeds into the bowl of shredded cabbage.

"I could sit down with a spoon and eat this whole bowl all by myself."

Then I started to daydream about the other foods that now feed the same kind of obsession in me.

Fig preserves.

Cauliflower puree.


Saag paneer.

Macaroni and cheese.

Creamed spinach.

Mu shu.

Zingerman's sweet potato fries.

Pulled pork BBQ.


Chips and dip.

With what foods are you obsessed?