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Chef Girl

Now that I'm a working chef-girl, Wednesdays have turned into Kim Days. Today I'm sitting in a cozy chair at a local coffee shop.

Right outside the door is the Wed. farm market which will be my next stop. I see all of these ladies entering the coffee shop carrying beautiful bouquets of flowers. I might have to go home with some fresh posies.

Headphones are plugged in...passion fruit iced tea is by my thoughts are headed in a food direction. Big surprise!

This weekend is the start of the college football season. Here in Ann Arbor, the town is abuzz with students returning to the campus and football fans making tailgate plans. When I moved here nine (!) years ago, I had never watched a college football game in my life. Now? Being glued to the Saturday games is an autumn tradition.

Another new tradition is planning menus for football Saturdays. For the 2011 opening season, our menu is shaping up to be:

Wings. Probably spiced with some Mexican flavors.
Pitcher of sangria.
Some sort of pot roast tacos with corn tortillas.
Salsa. Maybe homemade after a quick trip to the farm stand?

Now I'm hungry and I'm off to find some lunch and continue my blissful all-me day.

(Today's cocktail hour will include the use of a brand new bottle of pomegranate liqueur. Sigh.)

Mozzarella, Tomato, and Strawberry Salad

IMG_2512 Working from Around My French Table, I tried a French twist on a Nichols' household favorite, the Caprese salad:  farmstand tomatoes; fresh mozzarella; and basil.

In this French version, sweet strawberries are tossed with cherry tomatoes and just a bit of olive oil.  Sliced mozzarella shares the plate along with ribbons of fresh basil.  To season, a sprinkling of sea salt and crushed pink peppercorns.

Wait, PINK peppercorns?

Thanks to French Fridays* with Dorie Greenspan, I had an excuse to go on a treasure hunt AND add to my spice pantry.

Pink peppercorns added a spicy, yet fruity flavor that paired exceedingly well with the salad's summery stars, strawberries and tomatoes.

 Note to self:  file this one under go-to summer recipes.

*French Fridays with Dorie is an online cooking community that makes one recipe per week from Around My French Table.