Easter Dinner Snapshots

NYC, Here We Come!

G and I just booked a trip to, well, New Jersey, really.  We're going to housesit for our friends, P&J, while they travel to Paris for the first time.

I'm not even bothered with the fact that P&J are going to France and I'm not (usually an occasion for bright green envy), because I will have a week long train pass to get into New York City.

My head spins with all of the possibilities for luxurious food moments.

Mario Batali's new over-the-top food marketplace, Eataly.

Chef Gabrielle Hamilton's Prune.

Boqueria, a tapas place that I've visited before, but I want to introduce it to G.

The Chelsea Market, a place that G and I discovered on our last trip to Manhattan.  The place is filled with gems, including Amy's Bread and Jacques Torres Chocolates.

Also on the wish list:  Murray's Cheese Shop

If you have any other suggestions for great NYC food destinations, please comment!

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