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Fish Cookery 101

The only fish I ate while growing up was either in frozen fish stick form or batter-fried.  So as an adult, I'm still not a diner who orders fish.

I learned how to fillet a fish (round, flat, big, small, you name it) in culinary school.   As a cook, I feel confident when buying fish and preparing it, but I still don't automatically think of fish as a regular meal option at home.  I need to be reminded to put it into my repertoire.

I found this article today by Mark Bittman (food columnist extraordinaire) and had to share it, both as a reminder to myself and as a great reference guide for easily preparing fish in your own kitchen.  Bittman offers simple ideas for broiling, sauteing, roasting, and poaching whitefish (which includes cod, halibut, sea bass, grouper, and haddock).

Just as a side note, always try to make friends with your local fishmonger.  The fishmonger's job is to answer questions, provide recommendations, and even slice up that whitefish into one-inch chunks if you feel ambitious and want to make kababs or a fish stew.  Take advantage!

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