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Easter Dinner Snapshots

Easter Dinners

G and I are going to my mom's house for Easter Sunday.  She's going to take care of dinner which is always appreciated.  Mom's making ham with some yummy thyme-infused glaze, scalloped potatoes, carrots, and green beans with bacon or bacon with green beans depending on how Mom feels that day.

On Saturday, G and I are hosting a small Easter dinner for our friends, P&J.  They aren't going home to Ohio so we'll celebrate together.  This also gives me an opportunity to play in my own kitchen.

I've only ever had ham at Easter so I'm excited to prepare a boneless leg of lamb for dinner at our house.  I think I'm going to just do something simple like this:

Herbed Roast Leg of Lamb

I have bunches of asparagus already in the fridge.  I usually roast asparagus but I'll probably do something else to it to be a bit snazzier.  For another side dish, G has voted for a potato gratin, but I might do something with Israeli couscous since Mom's serving us potatoes on Sunday.

Oh, and how could I forget dessert?  I'd like to make some panna cotta, but I'm serving three people who love chocolate.  I think I'll treat them and make individual chocolate souffles.

Still brainstorming, but I will post photos this weekend!


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